Professor Carlos Fortuna participates in the Conference Cycle “Right to Age”

On March 28th, the 3rd conference of the Conference Cycle organized by the UNESCO Unitwin Network “City that Educates and Transforms” took place.

This conference was organized by the Universidade Aberta, Le@d- Distance Education and eLearning Laboratory, and Working Group 2 (Territoriality, Identity and Citizenship) of this Unitwin UNESCO network.

In this conference, Prof. Carlos Fortuna addressed the existential sensitivities that mobilize the senses and the corporeality of subjects as essential mechanisms for understanding urbanities. Alongside the sounds and silences of cities, Prof. Fortuna also discussed some hypotheses for the sociological treatment of banal and universal breathing in urban contexts.

He addressed the meaning of urban odors and how what we smell in the city today has never been so artificial. Touch is also a special sensitivity that conditions the relationship between people and urban spaces. For Carlos Fortuna, the variety of senses discussed shows that the city can be perceived as a whole body and not just with the hegemonic sense of sight.