Taking the Chair to Schools

Professor Isabel Baltazar will “take” the UNESCO Chair, The City That Educates and Transforms Schools. Aware that living in the city in a more sustainable way requires transformation, the coordinator of the UNESCO Chair, led by ISEC Lisboa, will be in Barcelos for a lecture where she will discuss and debate citizenship issues.

Actions carried out in Schools respond to Chair Objectives No. 2 and No. 4: Initiate awareness-raising actions at School on active citizenship and sustainable development - The promotion of an integrated system of research, training and documentation activities in the area of Educating Cities and dissemination of knowledge about the concept of an educating city, in order to enable governance models in line with the SDGs and cooperation and collaboration in the construction of knowledge societies through different educating city strategies..

Topic to be discussed: GT3 – Education in the City

It addresses education in the city from the perspective of educational institutions, organizations and policies, from the perspective of an intersectoral and transversal articulation. In this sense, the necessary convergence between the fields of education, culture, sport and health, among others, should be considered in the construction of educational arrangements within territories and throughout life. School is understood as an inalienable right and a key institution for new designs and training paths. Focus is given on Communities and neighbourhoods – presence of multiplicity and difference in the city.