RICET has already started functions

After receiving the respective protocols at the launch of the UNESCO Chair - The City that Educates and Transforms, the members of the RICET consortium – City that Educates and Transforms International Network, are already gathered at the Lumiar Academic Campus, at ISEC Lisboa, where the work agenda to set up the network began.

The founding partners of this consortium will promote an integrated system of research, training and documentation activities in the area of Educating Cities, as well as the dissemination of knowledge about the concept of an educating city, with the aim of providing answers to emerging problems in societies and the creation of a knowledge network that allows local governments to offer a diverse form of equitable and fair responses to society's current problems.

This UNESCO Chair - The City that Educates and Transforms is unified by the International Cooperation Programme, led by ISEC Lisboa and which includes 12 higher education institutions geographically distributed across Portugal, Brazil and Guinea-Bissau.