Launch of the UNESCO Chair "City that Educates and Transforms" at UNISINOS

The UNESCO UniTwin Chair "City that Educates and Transforms" was launched on August 3rd at the São Leopoldo campus of Unisinos. This Chair is an international cooperation programme with different educational institutions, including Unisinos, and validated by an international organization made up of institutions from Brazil and Guinea-Bissau, all led by ISEC Lisboa. The UNESCO Chair focuses mainly on the theme of Educating Cities and aims to create a knowledge network between these institutions, as well as promoting study in the area. The Chair is also committed to training new professionals in the field of Educating Cities, with postgraduate programs planned, as well as the possibility of holding events and forums related to the topic. The Unisinos representative on the Chair is Rodrigo Dias da Silva, a professor at the School of Humanities, who commented briefly on how the program aligns with Unisinos' strategic planning: "From the perspective of our work in the field of education, it's a political gesture. Unisinos is showing that it is willing to face up to the challenges facing education today, of which there are many," he said.

In addition to Prof. Rodrigo Dias da Silva, two other members of this Chair took part in the launch, Prof. Jaqueline Moll from URI and Ana Patrícia Almeida from the Universidade Aberta - Portugal.