Professors José Reis Jorge and Marco Ferreira were awarded international distinction.

Professors José Reis Jorge and Marco Ferreira, teachers at ISEC Lisbon, were at the 32nd annual EURASHE Conference, and their interventions earned them the distinction of having presented one of the best communications at that international conference.

The 32nd annual EURASHE Conference was held under the theme: Skills for Europe. This meeting of experts took place on the 8th and 9th of June at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, in the capital of Romania. ISEC Lisboa's teachers chose to speak about the topic of Inclusion in Higher Education - Dealing with the challenges of diversity and multiculturalism – a subject of honour and interest to the educational system that ISEC Lisboa has implemented and has been defending since its foundation.

“Inclusion is an inevitable dimension of education. The growing focus on inclusion in Higher Education (HE) has been influenced by a growing ideal of democratization of Higher Education in a global world characterized by the interdependence of cultures, ideas and economies. Change can be difficult to achieve. To be truly inclusive, higher education institutions must have the necessary internal structures and dynamics to meet the diverse needs and potentials of all the students. However, inclusion cannot be separated from the acceptance of diversity in a world where equality and difference must coexist.

Our breakout session aims to promote a joint reflection on the role of Higher Education when facing the inclusion challenges of the 21st century. Our reflection will be guided by three key questions: How can we cultivate inclusion without erasing cultural diversity? How to promote inclusive education without indoctrination? How to correspond to an educational model based on principles of equality and inclusion in communities with different backgrounds and views of the world? These were the main ideas, and social and educational ideals that Professors José Reis Jorge and Marco Ferreira discussed and presented at this international event focused on the creation, development and implementation of new skills for Europe, where Higher Education plays a critical role.

ISEC Lisboa proudly congratulates the participation and award-winning distinction of Professors José Reis Jorge and Marco Ferreira across borders.