Inclusion - A Non-Negotiable Right

Promoted by ISEC Lisboa, this seminar, organized as part of the Post-Graduation in Special Education in the cognitive and motor domain, has the theme: Inclusion - A Non-Negotiable Right - and will take place on May 13 at the Lumiar Campus.

We know today, more than ever, that inclusive education aims, above all, to strengthen the connection between education professionals, students, other professionals and society, in a shared, humanized and non-negotiable path - the right to education and the right to access and participate in all contexts, without conditioning and barriers of any kind.

The opening session of this seminar will be attended by the President of ISEC Lisboa, Cristina Ventura, the Director of the School of Education and Human Development, Rui Fonseca, and the Secretary of State for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities - Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, Ana Sofia Antunes.

The two main conferences will feature the following speakers: David Rodrigues, from the National Education Council, and Domingos Fernandes, President of the National Education Council, and will focus on the theme that sets the tone for this seminar - inclusion.

The agenda includes two simultaneous round tables and project presentations. The first round table will feature a conversation between Fátima Paulo, from Contramão - Associação, Jorge Falcato from Centro de Vida Independente, and José Morgado, from ISPA - Instituto Universitário, on Inclusion - An Expanded Debate. The second discussion will focus on "The School... and then what?" Diverse Paths, with a debate between Maria Potes Barbas, from the Escola Superior de Educação de Santarém, Jorge Nascimento, from the Agrupamento Escola Padre Bartolomeu Gusmão, Cristina Espadinha from Rede NEE ULisboa.

The "The O Cavalo e Eu..." and the "Juntos à Descoberta!" projects will also be presented, by Paula Caniça Guerra, from the Cerebral Palsy Association of Lisbon; as well as the "Sports as a Means of Inclusion", by Eduardo Dinis, from Crinabel; "Geração SOMA", by Mara Pacheco, Bruno Rodrigues and Ana Rita Barata, from VO'ARTE / CiM - Companhia de Dança; and "Tira as Emoções da Mala", by Andreia Martins and Paulinho Oliveira, from the Associação Museu das Emoções.

Also, during this day, there will be presentations of action-research posters by ISEC Lisboa students and alumni from the Post-Graduation in Special Education: Cognitive and Motor Domains.

In accordance with Order No. 5741/2015 of May 29, 2015, the Seminar will be certified as a short-term training action.

Registration fee: 10 euros
Registration limit: up to 150 participants

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